We assist motivated business and career professionals reach specific milestones and achievements while becoming industry leaders for the organizations and communities they serve. We come together to elevate the social and economic capital of those we serve through strategic mentorship, mixed content learning and relationship building events and experiences.



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Leaders in equity, diversity and inclusion


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expert speakers & mentors

No one makes it on their own. We bring the people you need to help you picture what is possible and get the right guidance

networking with impact

They say it's not what you know but WHO you know. That is why we curate networking experiences that lead to real relationships and connections

Guided to success

A vision without a plan is only a dream. That is why we designed our programs and resources with a clear roadmap to success

social learning community

The journey to achieving audacious goals can seem lonely - we believe it doesn't have to be. Join a community committed to learning while lifting each other

We're in this together!

Be part of a digital community and meet other people like you. Connect with professional mentors, new friends and opportunities.

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Cody B.

Business Professional Member

Great network. I love the monthly networkers, and I enjoy being a mentor for the program. BPN only gets better with time!

Florida International Univ.

University Strategic Partner

It is such an honor to have supported the efforts of BPN since the beginning and we continue to do so year after year."

Florida Memorial Univ.

University Strategic Partner

Our students get such value in the sessions and hearing from a great mix of professionals who share their true experience navigating their business and career journey."

Derrell W.

Career Professional Member

This group of young professionals are definitely interested in improving the educational, environmental and political posture of everyone.

Frequently asked questions

BPN is a 501C3 organization focused on helping career and business professionals in four clear objectives: (1) assist business owners reach a million dollars in revenue; (2) increase the number of employed professionals in leadership and decision-making roles; (3) increase the number of accredited investors and (4) improve the leadership and personal skills of our professionals to achieve and maintain peak performance.

Yes, we don’t discriminate. We mean it. We operate much like a women-only organization. While men are welcomed, the focus will remain on the women and their issues. Same applies with us. We welcome all people and need all the support to shrink the achievement gap.

There are a number of ways to support and get value from BPN.

  1. Become a mentor
  2. Submit mission-focused content: articles, videos, podcasts
  3. Provide membership incentives
  4. Serve as a thought-leader and workshop speaker
  5. Submit career and business opportunities
  6. Sponsor a program and/or event
  7. Become a strategic partner

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