2021 Black Men in Excellence

Black Professionals Network recognizes in its 3rd annual Black Men in Excellence Mixer community leaders and industry professionals as part of its 2021 Black History Month dedication

Miami, Florida — Black Professionals Network (BPN) will recognize Black Men in Excellence during its February Networking Mixer as part of its 2021 Black History Month events.  

Honorees include several members of the organization and community leaders who have made significant contributions within their profession and their community. An in-person networking mixer will take place later in the year for community members to meet and congratulate award recipients. In the meantime, community members can learn more about our honorees on Feb. 25th during our virtual announcement.

The event is free and open to the public, guests can register at www.mybpn.org/events    

WHAT: Black Men in Excellence Networking Mixer, Open Press  

WHEN: Thursday, February 25th , 2021

WHERE: Instagram – 7pm and Clubhouse – 8pm

WHO: Florida House of Representative Omari Hardy, Jamal Sowell, Dr. Inaki Bent, MD., Dr. Marcus Bright, Rashaad Lambert, Lewis Leveille, Jeff Johnson, Jason Jenkins, Russell Benford, and Matthew Beatty.

About the Black Professionals Network

The Black Professionals Network (BPN) is a non-profit social learning organization with the mission to advance the economic and social capital of black career and business professionals. BPN guides professionals along thriving pathways that expand their influence, knowledge, and net worth. BPN achieves its mission in part by providing mentorship, opportunities, and connections. Individuals and companies choose BPN to form a collaborative network under the guiding principle “together each achieves more.” For more information, visit www.mybpn.org                 


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