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7 Ways to Network Like a Pro!


On Tuesday July 17- The Office hosted their first workshop “Shoot Your Shots in the Professional Arena.”  The Office is a career and professional development program that equips individuals with the skills and knowledge to secure, thrive, and succeed in their chosen career path. The Office Program Coordinator, Rebecca was the host for the night. This workshop highlighted the importance of “shooting your shot” in the professional world to reach out to potential contacts, network purposefully and maintain relationships. The attendees were provided with specific tools and resources to assist them in maximizing their connections to ultimately create opportunities for employment, promotion and career advancement.

Here are the takeaways from that workshop!

  1. Determine Your Point of Entry

Establishing an initial connection can often be the hardest. Determine your point of entry (i.e. hometown, school, culture) so that you can easily make a connection with a potential contact.

  1. Use Your Resources

Maximize all digital platforms such as Google and LinkedIn to find useful information on a potential contact.

  1. Effectively Follow-Up

In your initial email to a potential contact, include your point of entry, convenient options to connect (i.e. coffee, lunch, phone call) and all your contact information.

  1. Don’t Be Too Eager

Give a potential contact a reasonable amount of time to respond to your initial email before following up (i.e. 1-2 weeks)

  1. Stay In Touch

Staying in touch with new professional contacts can be difficult. Find ways to stay relevant by congratulating them on their recent accomplishments, sending them well wishes during the holidays and engaging with them by email, phone, connecting in person or on LinkedIn.

  1. Build the Relationship

Never directly ask a potential contact for a job. Instead, focus on building a relationship and showing interest in their work This is essential and the key to having a successful relationship!

  1. Always Show Gratitude

Always show appreciation for the time the potential contact takes out of their schedule to connect with you. Appreciation is underrated but greatly celebrated!


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