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Become a Member Today & Tell a Friend: Benefits of BPN Membership


BPN members across the South Florida region unified for an intimate members-only meeting, featuring HR expert Kelli-Anne Lane. Navigating the perils of salary negotiations, identifying the right company culture, and advice for switching career paths were on the table with HR aficionado Kelli-Anne, who shared her approaches to success in open fashion. The presentation sparked interesting conversations, highlighting the differences of approach in career strategy, with some taking the traditional corporate route and others taking a more entrepreneurial path.

New members who were also new to the sunshine state had a chance to connect with seasoned BPN members, an important opportunity for any transplant seeking solace in a different milieu. Opportunities for new and old members to connect and share recent accomplishments and highlights were abuzz, driving the high vibrations at the heart of every Black Professionals Network event.

While the monthly mixers held on the third Thursday of every month are also a great way to expand your network, members-only meetings provide an amplified level of further connectivity and access to both your peers and a stream of professional resources. Held once a quarter, the members-only meetings feature varying experts to increase knowledge to better navigate success within your personal and professional life.

Based on the principles of unification and elevation of Black professionals across the country, the Black Professionals Network stands out as the premiere networking organization to join. For $150 annual membership fee, members benefit from a variety of exclusive resources, discounts, and access privy only to those who join the network.

As a member, amplify your platform in a variety of ways, from being featured as the BPN member spotlight of the month, to utilizing the Business Directory Listing to access thousands of fellow members from diverse fields and backgrounds. Free and discounted courses, webinars and workshops, and a career board boast a stream of opportunities for furthering knowledge and career fortuity. Perks and giveaways along with discounts to some of the biggest events like the Black Professionals Network Summit in November make membership a fiscally responsible benefit.

In addition to benefits like full BPN app access, members-only events, and exclusive event postings, the principle of joining a professional Black organization aimed at Black advancement is reason enough to become a member today if you are not already, and spread the word if you are. For more information and direct steps on becoming a member today, see the link below.


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