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Black Business Month Highlight: Wellness Edition

Black Business Month Highlight: Wellness Edition

When it comes to supporting Black business month, look no further than within the Black Professional Network! Leave your health in the hands of experts within the Black Professional Network, a pool of professionals offering everything from mental health services to chiropractic services and more. Connect with experts who can understand you culturally while also supporting the advancement of black business-It’s a win-win!

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Make your mental health a priority and tap into therapy with black owned mental health services like Am Taar Wellness. Specially curated to the needs of Black women, Dr. Aminata Cisse specializes in the treatment of mental health disorders through a culmination of holistic healing and traditional psychiatric care. Her wealth of expertise as a clinical psychologist serves a diverse range of matters like PTSD, anxiety disorders, trauma, depression, and more.

To ensure your body is functioning as optimally as possible, Signature Touch Chiropractic offers individually tailored treatment plans that will “get you out of pain, keep you out of pain, and cater to your long term health/wellness goals.” Located in Miramar, Florida, Signature Touch Chiropractic offers services such as chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy treatments like ultrasounds and cryotherapy, acupuncture, and therapeutic exercises.

For Black owned medical services, Comprehensive Vascular Care is a full service medical care center with an emphasis on vascular disease prevention and management. To remain proactive in combating heart disease and strokes, Dr. Bernard Ashby and staff’s mission to deliver holistic cardio vascular solutions amplifies the value of lifestyle modification and disease prevention.

Activate the best version of yourself with the dynamic Amara Woman brand! With bespoke services catered to your individual needs, founder Dr. Yvette’s full service fitness brand covers everything from meal plans to tailored fitness plans, apparel, and wellness journal exercises. Rooted in the essence of strength and grace, the Amara brand offers a luxury space to heal, grow, and connect within the community.

Elevation of nutritional well-being for all is at the heart of the Eat Well Exchange, a non-profit that uses nutrition education with a focus on culture to prevent negative health outcomes. In creating partnerships with health professionals, policy makers, and health advocates, the Eat Well Exchange educates communities locally and globally to benefit their health. Lead by Ashley Carter and Jasmine Westbrooks, the Eat Well Exchange has taught over 12,257 people to date leaving their footprint everywhere from Haiti to Raleigh.

Reach your health goals with a Black owned business to unite with experts that represent community minded values. Stay tuned for more Black business highlights to support across sectors!


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