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Black-Owned Green Essence Florida’s Cannabis Rise

Black-Owned Green Essence Florida’s Cannabis Rise

Essence Florida aims to take over the Florida cannabis industry, aided by a recent $300M deal with capital partner Opus Group. CEO Jasmine Johnson stands at the forefront of Green Essence, implementing her family’s long-standing entrepreneurial success to elevate the medical marijuana market in Florida and especially within the Black community.

 “By placing our dispensaries in our communities, we provide patients what they need and we can teach, train, educate, and hire people within our community,” said Jasmine.

While less than 1 % of cannabis dispensaries are Black-owned, the Black community is the most impacted by the unfair war on drug laws, highlighting the disparity. 

Between achievements in real estate to hospitality successes like the Crescendo Jazz Lounge, Jasmine’s family business endeavors are all tailored with a high-end approach, the cannabis industry included.

“Green Essence wants to bring back the medical intention and properties of cannabis, which is still just as appealing recreationally,” said Jasmine.

Backed by an award-winning cannabis master geneticist and a clinical research-focused medical team, Green Essence is led by Medical Director and neurosurgeon Dr. Anthony Hall. Keen use of biometrics and a wide array of product options helps determine the best cannabis method to elevate the experience and results.

Green Essence’s plan to employ upwards of 5,000 employees with 60 to 100 stores over 2 to 3 years reflects the progressive, community-based vision of the Green Essence team. 



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