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Boost Your Brand: Elevate Your LinkedIn

Boost Your Brand: Elevate Your LinkedIn

In today’s digital era, your LinkedIn profile is the new business card, marketing your experience and skills to the world with virtual convenience. Whether you are a budding professional or advanced in your field, showcasing your skills and building your network via LinkedIn is highly beneficial to boosting your career at any stage. Elevate your talent and cultivate connections to the platform of over 600 million users on Linkedin by enhancing your page today, just in time for upcoming Black Professional Networking mixers and events.

Adding a profile picture makes it 21x more likely to be viewed by others, therefore you want to project professionalism with the right picture. A headshot, recommended at 400 x 400 pixels sets the right image as opposed to a selfie or group photo. Take a look at the below for more examples of setting the right tone with your profile picture. Along with the right picture, a compelling headline is essential to describing who you are, what you do, and the value you bring to the table.

Sell your story in the “About Me” section, amplifying the breadth of your experience along with your professional highlights and interests. In 3 or 4 sentences, share your industry with your audience, name any organizations you are a part of, leadership experience, and set the tone for your career background. My below “About Me” showcases everything from the diversity of my background, to my commitments to the community.


If I had to describe myself in one word? Diverse.

From writing and planning events, to finance and business development, my professional and personal experiences and interests run the gamut. I approach everything I take on with creativity and innovation, no matter the subject or project.

Outside of work, you can find me running the Venetian bridge, writing my blog Fashionista in Finance, or volunteering with the Junior League, or creating content for the Black Professional Network.

When outlining your career experience, quantify the volume of work when applicable to provide more detail. For example, stating that you open 25 new accounts per month demonstrates more action than simply saying that you open new accounts. Enhance your profile with details like applications you have used and specific skill sets to sell your value.

Personalize your page by listing certifications, awards, and languages, along with community involvement to showcase a well rounded background. The top soft skill that companies need the most on LinkedIn is creativity and the top hard skill required is Blockchain followed by Cloud computing. Don’t hold back in showing your talent, links to relevant work, websites, and projects are always an added plus to your page. Sharing content related to your industry, relevant news, and community are strong ways to expand the content’s reach, network with your connections, and contribute to one’s trust and authority in their industry.

Investing in your LinkedIn page is a worthwhile contribution to elevating your brand and career to their fullest potential. Connect with professionals across the globe to share your skills on the platform to your benefit. You never know what opportunity lies beyond your next LinkedIn visit.


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