BPN Launches in New Cities Nationwide

The Black Professionals Network reached new heights, uniting professionals from LA, Chicago, and Miami with sold out mixers in each city. Each city produced a mix of realtors, therapists, lawyers, engineers, educators, technologists, doctors, business owners and everything in between, all coming together to connect and support each other. Locals and transplants alike were able to make new friends and reunite with familiar faces, engaging through icebreakers and conversation.

By hosting events in different cities, BPN broadens the platform for members, enabling them to feel at home in a new city. A member from South Florida that recently moved to LA was able to have the same access to Black professionals, providing a sense of familiarity across coastlines.

“We’re thrilled to bring BPN to Los Angeles. The ability to connect Black professionals with purpose in the city of Los Angeles is so rewarding. Elated to be part of the founding BPN LA leadership team.”, said Nekaya Carter, president of the LA chapter featured below.

It’s only a matter of time before BPN is at the heart of every city nationwide. Where would you like to see the next Black Professionals Network launched?

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