Home Tips Building Your Personal Brand Statement to Boost Your Goals

Building Your Personal Brand Statement to Boost Your Goals

Building Your Personal Brand Statement to Boost Your Goals

Personal branding is vital to elevating in any profession, allowing your expertise to shine. By developing a powerful brand statement, you can seize the attention of prospective clients, customers, and employers, and ensure they see your value immediately. Highlighting what you do, why you do it, what sets you apart from the crowd, and maximizing your opportunities for success.

Even seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs need to regularly revisit their personal brand statements, fine-tuning them to reflect new milestones and role changes. Your unique selling proposition should be between one and two sentences that consist of compelling, attention-grabbing content that seeps into your audience’s memory. After you craft your perfect brand statement, place it on your LinkedIn, resume, and online portfolio, and develop a verbal version for networking events.

Example 1:

In some situations, it can be beneficial to implement a formula that identifies your ideal employer or customer and what you can help them accomplish. In addition to the key components, bolster your statement by adding quantifiable evidence of your effectiveness. In doing so, you highlight your accomplishments and demonstrate your expertise.

“I help businesses harness their image and reach their goals by creating impactful websites. My site designs increase traffic by at least 25 %.”

Example 2:

Narrow your focus by being as specific as possible, mentioning your target audience and the results you can help them achieve. 

“I help production facilities streamline their processes so that they can minimize waste and boost their profits.”

Example 3: 

A different approach to an engaging statement is to emphasize the partnership you create with clients and customers by starting with a verb, like “let’s”.

“Let’s build great branding.”

Example 4:

Showcasing your ability to transfer knowledge and expertise allows you to communicate what you do best and who you serve in a manner that is clear and concise. 

“I can teach you how to properly utilize social media platforms to increase your brand’s reach and revenue.”

Example 5:

Remove unnecessary filler words to create a brand statement that gets to the point quickly while still reaching your target audience.

“Streamline procedures and protocols so you can scale and grow.”

Example 6:

Creating a personal brand statement that showcases your personality displays confidence and creativity. 
How would I describe myself in one word? Diverse. Between finance to philanthropy, my broad scope of experience and knowledge fuel my commitment to enhancing your wealth path and legacy.”


Keep it Concise

Whether you are meeting someone in person or want to grab their attention in written form, it is important to make a solid first impression instantly. People often make judgments in a matter of moments, so focus on a statement that is short and to the point. Once you have their full attention, you can elaborate on your skills and experience.

Re-examine it Regularly

Your brand statement consolidates your goals, abilities, and values, which evolve over time. Every 3 to 6 months is a good time frame to actively review and update your statement.

•Showcase your Unique Strengths

You, your values, and your abilities are unique, and a personal brand statement is a great opportunity to represent that. Authenticism coupled with personality and professionalism increase your chances of making a genuine connection to elevate your career goals. 


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