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Labor of Love: A Self Care Labor Day

Labor of Love: A Self Care Labor Day

An unofficial end to summer, Labor Day marks the beginning of a new season, presenting an opportunity to rejuvenate and recharge. Our day off is credited to nineteenth-century labor activists who pushed for a federal holiday to recognize the numerous contributions workers have made to the fabric of America’s economic advancement. 

Between the stresses of the social climate, the anxiety of Covid era confines, and general work/life balance struggles 90% of Americans face, a self-care regimen is essential to our wellbeing.

The Venetian Islands: Miami Beach's Hottest Island Neighborhoods

Connecting with the outdoors, breaking your typical milieu for a dose of fresh air can be the simplest way to spend your Labor day of self-care. A scenic walk on the Venetian bridge amongst rollerbladers, bikers, and runners, inhaling the sea breeze is priceless. Run clubs in your area are a social option for cardio, a fun way to release endorphins and explore new environments. 

Cultivating plants presents a solution to alleviate anxiety and depression, with 79% of plant-owning patients reporting a stronger sense of calm. Novices to the art of planting can gauge if they are more of an orchid or asparagus fern type via the Gardenista Houseplants: A Field Guide. Bringing zen to your home not only turns it into a haven but makes it a conversation starter when entertaining guests. 

Take the artistic route to a self-care method, unleashing your creative side that you may not typically tap into in your normal routine. Journal your experiences, thoughts, and stories, immersing yourself in self-expression, or create a blog to explore your passions to share with the world. Websites like Wix offer simple user-friendly ways to develop sophisticated content.  Painting can serve as a peaceful way to unwind, an instant release of creativity as you turn a blank canvas into a kaleidoscope of color. Whether you choose a Paint and Sip for a more structured painting session or you freelance on your own, you never know what new creative talent you possess. I took up both blogging and painting for the first time as a hobby during the pandemic, elaborately painting plain corsets into detailed visions, the below inspired by the exotic beauty of the peacock featured on my blog Fashionista in Finance

For the high-end pampering experience, look no further than any of South Florida’s many luxurious spas, beach clubs, rooftop pools, and Spice Week restaurant specials. Gorgeous spas featured in the Ultimate Miami Spa Guide like the Mandarin’s GUYandGIRL spa and the Acqualina Spa by Espa line the coast, providing the pleasure of every massage and facial imaginable. 

Miami Spice boasts diverse savory three-course meals for special prices the entire month of September, allowing for many a cuisine-filled opportunity. 

Try a new activity to challenge yourself and boost your confidence in a new discipline. Most gyms offer a free course if you don’t want to commit to a new activity right away. Whether it’s outdoor yoga, connecting your spirit with the sunset, or amping up your energy for a kickboxing session, the right fulfilling fitness hobby is out there for you!

Take the time this Labor Day to celebrate your hard work and efforts, and relax, honing your energy, self-care and appreciation. 


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