May Mixer Recap: Chicago, LA, and South Florida

As the month of May rolls around, so does another set of mixers for Miami/Broward, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Aimed around the third week of the month, BPN’s highly anticipated mixers held at the city’s hottest venues are platforms to connect with new friends and form potential business partnerships.

The Los Angeles mixer, held on the 19th, was at a new location, The Connect, a collaborative workspace hub and non-profit promoting access to technology, education, and financial inclusion. Chicago’s mixer on the 18th was held at 14 Parish, a Caribbean themed cuisine destination with over 100 types of rum. South Florida’s May mixer was at Freehold in Wynwood, an open outdoor space perfect for mixing, mingling, or busting a move.

Following initial cocktails and conversation, icebreakers become the focal point of the evening, encouraging introverts and extroverts alike to engage in challenges to learn more about one another. The “Ask me about..” game entailed different prompts that lead guests to go around the room, talking to others about what was on their name tag. By the end of a BPN icebreaker, those who were once strangers become familiar acquaintances and friends.

In addition to opportunities to meet new people and develop professional relationships, BPN offers volunteer opportunities to develop and contribute within the organization. Whether you are in Chicago, Miami, or LA, there are opportunities for you take your affiliation with the Black Professionals Network to the next level by joining committees dedicated to communication, events, membership, fundraising, mentorship, and beyond.

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