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Miami Member of the Month: Cindy Montgenie

Miami Member of the Month: Cindy Montgenie

BPN Member Spotlight of the month Cindy Montgenie adds equal parts charm and wit to each BPN event she attends, enchanting attendees with her endearing French Guianese accent and a 100-watt smile. As an entrepreneur and former award-winning HP executive with 2 decades of experience leading multicultural teams across the globe, Cindy’s talent and expertise have attracted big-name clients like Intel, Microsoft, Dell, and Perry Ellis. Cindy’s success derives from a number of inspirations and experiences, shared below.

1.) Tell us about yourself. Where are you from, what do you do, and how long have you been in Miami?

I am from French Guiana. I am the founder of New Skies Nation, a leadership development company. I leverage my 20-year international corporate career in the fast-paced tech industry with the latest market research to partner with intelligent leaders and future-focused organizations so they can build and sustain inclusive and high-performing growth teams that win the future, without burnout. We work at the intersection of the future of work, leadership, and DEIB. 

We capitalize on our portfolio of actionable keynotes, proven corporate training, research baked assessments, and elite coaching programs to customize results-driven solutions for our clients. Due to the intersection of impostor syndrome and inclusion, I am also a founding licensed associate of the Impostor Syndrome Institute, the world’s #1 resource on impostor syndrome. I have been in Miami for the past 22 years. 

2.) How did you get involved in BPN and what is your favorite part

I got involved with BPN after the formidable BPN summit in November 2021. I enjoy meeting and learning from a diverse group of top-notch black professionals and entrepreneurs.

3.) What and who inspires you in life?

Being a Christian, God and His Promises are my number #1 source of inspiration. I am also inspired by my family, nature, my clients, stories of people who beat the odds, and influential leaders who remain humble and compassionate. Opportunities to create something new and meaningful also inspire me. 

4.) Proudest accomplishment?

Being an entrepreneur is challenging, but it is also rewarding when you see the impact and transformation in your customers. So, my proudest accomplishment is the thousands of leaders who have been equipped across the globe through different programs. 

5.) Fun fact or unexpected fact about yourself

I speak 3 languages. I understand 4 languages. I am the enemy #1 of plants. 


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