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Miami Member of the Month: Frederick Hunter

Miami Member of the Month: Frederick Hunter

Rooted in faith and family, BPN member of the month Frederick Hunter’s passion for higher education serves as the backbone for his success. As Dean of the School of Education at Florida Memorial University, Frederick champions the youth in cultivating their dreams and career path.

1.) Tell us more about yourself, like where you are from and what you do.  

I am originally from Chicago, IL. A little over a year ago, I relocated to Miami to serve as the Department of Social Sciences Chair at Florida Memorial University. Since then, I have been promoted to the Dean of the School of Education. In this role, I have the opportunity to work with faculty, staff, and students to push the institution forward with innovative and forward-thinking strategies.  

2.) What is one of your greatest achievements? 

Of all the accomplishments I have worked hard to achieve thus far, all of which I owe to the man above, I would say earning my doctorate degree was surely my greatest accomplishment. Earning a doctorate is no easy feat, especially when you’re a first-generation college graduate. Additionally, I am the first person in my extended family to earn a doctorate. My family is very proud of my success and now always refers to me as Dr. Freddie, especially my grandmother—every time she calls.  

3.) Who or what inspires you? 

This is quite a difficult question. I would not say it’s one person, but many individuals. My family has encouraged me and been a source of inspiration that has helped to shape the person you see today. In various ways, each of my family members (grandmothers, aunts, uncles, siblings, and cousins) has poured into me to see life through different lenses, so as not to rob myself of the various opportunities and possibilities that are available if I apply myself.  

4.) How would you like to be remembered? 

Don’t live for your legacy—live for your passion. I believe that when one lives out their passion, the legacy will follow. I’d like to be remembered as someone that was passionate about my work and worked to identify ways to bring others along on the journey. I feel that my work in education—the day-to-day grind—is about more than myself. Rather, I feel it’s about pouring into individuals that will go forth and create wealth and opportunities for their families. Thereby, being changemakers through my incremental efforts.  

5.) How did you get involved with BPN, and why? 

I got involved in BPN after a mixer, where I had the opportunity to meet a few of the members. As a transplant to Miami—a somewhat transient city—it can be difficult to find similar young career-oriented professionals outside the office.  Additionally, I have had the opportunity to network and connect my students with the organization through a School of Education Mixer event.  



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