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Miami Member of the Month: Tamara Pluviose

Miami Member of the Month: Tamara Pluviose

BPN Member Spotlight of the Month Tamara Pluviose sheds light on her inspirational journey as a medical professional, philanthropist, mother and trailblazer. Throughout life’s challenges, Tamara’s commitment to community and education guided her to elevate the lives of those around her.

Tell us more about yourself.

 I am Haitian-American and lived in Brooklyn and Chicago before moving to the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area with my parents. I am a 46- year old mother of two young ladies Niyah (22) and Dede (19). Professionally, I am a licensed RN, and have a Masters in Public Health. I’ve been working as a consultant in the field of medical devices for nearly 10 years primarily in the areas of medical writing, quality assurance, and post-market surveillance. I also have a nonprofit organization called Black Girl Magic Basketball Foundation which provides scholarships to deserving female, high school and college student-athletes. Our primary initiatives are information and linkages to mental health resources, financial literacy and planning and beyond. Since 2021, we have awarded $20,000 in scholarships.

 What is one of your greatest achievements?

One of my greatest achievements was stepping out on faith and quitting my current position as a Project Manager in HIV/AIDS research to go back to school to get my nursing degree and eventually begin working in medical devices. At the time, I had to work a full-time, low paying job, while going to school full-time, raising two young ladies and taking care of the household. Despite this I graduated Summa Cum Laude for both my MPH and BSN. This decision has been life-changing for me and my family. My career change afforded me the opportunity to build the life I have always wanted for my family while also allowing me the capital to begin several entrepreneurial ventures. One of them being my own nonprofit organization, Black Girl Magic Basketball Foundation. 

 Who or what inspires you?

My children have always been my inspiration. They push me to do better and to be a better person so that I can try to instill those same qualities in them. They are the reason I strive so hard to build a legacy they can be proud of. 

 How would you like to be remembered?

When people think of me I would like them to remember the journey I took to get where I am today so they can understand that there is always more than one path to get to the same destination. My journey has been long, complicated, and not always rewarding; however, I believe my journey has made me the woman I am today. I am relentless, confident, empathetic, and am always striving to do the right things and trying to help as many people as I can in the process. I am still growing and evolving as a person so there’s still much more of my story to be written. My overarching desire is to eventually be remembered as someone who tried their best to help and positively influence as many people as possible. 

 How did you get involved with BPN and why?

I became involved with BPN when I started my nonprofit back in 2020-2021. I believe that BPN provided me an excellent opportunity to meet and network with like-minded professionals.  Although I work a lot (80+ hours a week), this year I finally had the opportunity to attend some mixers, special events, and the annual conference. As my focus begins to shift more towards my business ventures, it is my goal to become even more involved.


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