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Miami Mixer Spotlight: Ceiffawn Wetherspoon

Miami Mixer Spotlight: Ceiffawn Wetherspoon

Tell us more about yourself, like where you are from and what you do. 

My name is Ceiffawn Wetherspoon, I was born and raised in Miami, Richmond Heights to be exact (yes native Miamians do exist). I attended FAMU where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Legal Studies and Sociology. After working for a private firm in Miami, I obtained a Masters’s Degree in Legal Studies from the University of Illinois and a second master’s in Law and Policy from NOVA Southeastern University. I have worked as a corporate paralegal for 11 years and I currently hold a position with Johnson Controls as a Legal Contract Analyst on their M&A team.

Legal expert and entrepreneur Ceiffawn Wetherspoon reflects on her career journey, sharing insights on her pathway to success.

What is one of your greatest achievements?

One of my greatest achievements to date has been starting my own company. Outside of working in corporate America, I operate a business consulting firm, The Reality of Dreams. In the past, I casually assisted friends and family with an assortment of things from negotiating contracts to managing event operations, so it was only natural that I formalize my skillset. I had no idea where to start but I STARTED and for that, I am truly proud of myself for what my company has accomplished!

Who or what inspires you?

My parents are the reason why I am determined to be successful and never give up. If I do nothing else in this life, I want to give my parents a life of leisure. They gave me any and everything I could have imagined as a child and I will work 50 jobs if I have to in order to provide them with a soft life. Their sacrifices are my source of inspiration for everything I have done, am doing, and will do.

How would you like to be remembered?

I hope that people remember me as someone that found joy in knowing that something I did made someone smile, that I never wanted anything in return for the love I gave, and that knowing me felt like an ice-cold drink on a warm summer day…refreshing!

How did you get involved with BPN and why?

I got involved with BPN because I was navigating the corporate landscape with people that did not look like me. I wanted/needed to connect with people of color that could share insight on how to navigate a space that was not built for us while also establishing relationships with business professionals whose current and future goals aligned with where I saw myself. 


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