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New Year, New Goals! BPN’s Fitness Kickoff

New Year, New Goals! BPN’s Fitness Kickoff

Healthy choices and higher vibrations were at the heart of the Black Professionals Network’s wellness-based New Year kickoff at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex. Fitness experts of all disciplines shared tactics to reach and maintain comprehensive wellness plans tailored to individual lifestyles and goals. The panel moderated by Dr. Yvette shared ways to simplify your fitness journey and encouraged authentic dialogue surrounding fitness obstacles. Attendees shared common struggles they faced in maintaining a realistic fitness journey, while experts gave advice on getting there.

(From left to right) Fitness Instructor Cam Adam; Fitness Apparel Owner Sheniqua Betancourt; Former Dancer, Chiquanna Villines; Fitness Instructor, Wagner Noel; and Fitness Owner and Apparel for Women Dr. Yvette)

Following the words of motivation from the panel, BPN members warmed up and split into workshops geared towards their preferences and experience level. Boxing, HIT, and yoga prompted hearts to pump and brows to sweat as the coaches whipped the groups into shape. Intense rounds of cardio took place outside in the form of a series of HIT obstacles, intensified by the sun. Inside the complex, a series of boxing routines met with cardio bursts of climbers and sidesteps had everyone in “Rocky” mode. For those seeking a more tranquil fitness experience, yoga restored peace in the form of deep breathing, meditation, and stretching exercises.

Ashley Carter, co-founder of EatWell Exchange

In conclusion, the EatWell Exchange shared a savory demonstration of cabbage and vegetables, highlighting their mission to amplify access to health across communities. Maintaining cultural traditions while retaining a nutrition-based focus was at the core of the Eat Well Exchange’s practice, ultimately resulting in a delicious vegetable based dish.


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