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The blueprint to navigating the path to executive leadership requires the right strategy, serving as the foundation to success. Tapping into resources like leading global leadership and advisory search firm Russell Reynolds provides expert advice, guiding talent to reach their corporate dreams.

The dynamic team at Russell Reynolds shared insights with the Black Professionals Network, elaborating on ways they drive impact to build teams of transformational leaders across sectors.

Russell Reynolds kicked it off by revealing ways to best collaborate with recruiters when job searching at any level. Doing your research within your recruitment team is key to avoiding mistakes like using the wrong salutation or reaching out to too many of the same team members. Building an honest relationship with open communication will facilitate a better outcome, and a mutual relationship with longevity as you make your way to the c-suite. Ignoring recruiters who you are no longer interested in working with and leaving it all up to the recruiter to determine/highlight your strengths are not the best ways to work with a recruiter.

When it comes to reaching your career goals, it’s a marathon not a sprint. Practicing strong leadership habits like speaking up your point of view and having the confidence to ask what others are thinking exemplify leadership early in your career.

Challenging yourself outside your role to diversify your breadth of experience, elevating your leadership potential. For example, taking roles in finance, HR, or digital marketing are all skills useful in any sector. Taking a role outside of your set path shows you aren’t afraid to take a risk or challenge your capabilities. More than ever before, it is critical to engage with consumers in meaningful ways, therefore skills in customer activation are vital in any field.

With the right team of experts and arsenal of advice, reaching the doors of the c-suite is a possibility for professionals of all levels at BPN!


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