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The Diversity Hire Level Up Guide

The Diversity Hire Level Up Guide

With workplace diversity leading to noticeably higher profits, the right “diversity hire” is a highly sought asset to corporations large and small across the board. Arming yourself in preparation, knowledge, and resources manifests the confidence needed to catapult your career, aiming for the next opportunity.

“It’s about widening the gate, not lowering the bar”, said Audeliss President Felicity Hassan, kicking off the topic of diversity in the workplace. An executive recruiter dedicated to leveling the playing field for diverse leaders, Audeliss’s President Felicity Hassan shared valuable expertise for candidates of color in navigating their career dreams.

Kenasha Paul, CEO of Black Professionals Network with Felicity Hassan, President of Audeliss and INvolve

1.) Develop an Executive Career Plan but How?

  Identify and play up your core skills. Eliminate specificity on your resume to boil down to your innate strengths and talents to target your calling and direction. Ask yourself what you want to achieve in 10 years, and gauge how many conversations you need to have and with whom to climb up the ladder.

 2.) Ask Questions!

People love to talk about what they do, how they got there, and about themselves in general. Remain fearlessly inquisitive, and as Felicity points out, even beacons of success like Mike Bloomberg are not afraid to ask questions, demonstrating curiosity, interest, and intellect by doing so. Demonstrate your value by experimenting and pushing boundaries with interview questions, as every company wants to bring different voices to the table. Make them remember you!

3.) Avoid Red Flags in the Executive Search, Like Too Much Focus on Resume

Keep the 3 C’s in mind with your resume…Clear, Concise, and Compelling. Reduce jargon and industry-specific acronyms, maintaining a core foundational resume that you tweak to stand out for specific jobs.

4.) Connect with Purpose

In the application process, connect with the company’s hiring managers and higher-ups on LinkedIn, and reach out showing interest.

Ex. “Good afternoon, I recently submitted an application for ______ position. I would love to chat at your convenience to see if you think I am applicable. I look forward to connecting.”

5.) Eliminate Employers Not Truly Committed to Diversity

The current social climate forces most corporations to embrace diversity, or at least look like they are. Ask specifics reflective of your values as it pertains to diversity, like financial contributions to causes/communities, statements and stances on issues of social injustice, and their outreach across the various sectors of diversity, from gender, to race, to sexuality, to disability.

 If their answers do not suffice, or asking these questions makes you fall out of line in the hiring process, then they are not the company for you!

6.) Know Your Value

Speak expectations of salary sooner rather than later. Do your research from recruiters, peers, and the internet to conceptualize your value when it comes to salary. Treat the interview 50/50, you are trying to feel if they are the right fit for you, just as they are. Like dating, you want to lead with confidence keeping in mind that you want to learn more about them to see if they work for your needs.

7.) Use Recruiters to Your Advantage

Be transparent with recruiters on expectations, building a relationship of communication and trust. Prior to ending your conversation with the recruiter, establish the next time you plan to have a conversation and find out the next steps. Continue to follow up and manage the timeline, using them as an agent of information to help get you where you need to be in your career.

Follow the above and be prepared to kill your goals-6 months left of 2021 to work on career elevation!


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