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A premier 6-week intensive program, connecting you with industry leaders to chart your path to the top.

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January 25, 2024

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January 30, 2024

Welcome to
ProExcellence Academy

Our Tuesdays and Thursdays are dedicated to interactive sessions that not only share success stories but also impart practical strategies for career advancement.

Unlock your greatest goal

Learn the tips to make money work towards your greatest goal – freedom.

Sessions Begin: May 21

Welcome to
Freedom Fund Academy

A  9-week intensive program helping you create a wealth that builds your legacy. 

Our Tuesdays and (some) Thursdays are dedicated to lessons from black professionals who have learned how to increase their wealth and keep it. 


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Course Offerings

Expert Panels

Gain insights from wealth coaches and advisors.

Personalized Wealth Roadmapping

Develop a clear, actionable plan for your wealth growth.

Step-by-Step Approach

Each sessions builds on top of the other to guide you from debt, savings, to wealth strategies.

Explore Different Strategies

This program takes you on a journey to finding the strategies that best work for you.

Networking Opportunities

Build valuable relationships with a network of peers and leaders.

Our comprehensive courses and expert panels will help you develop the skills to create a wealth plan right for you.

Insights From Leaders At Top Corporations

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Developing Your Money Systems

You and your household are a business – what comes in and comes out, and how well you perform depends on the systems and processes you have in place. In this first session, learn how to develop the mindset, goals, and habits to become wealth producing. 



Making Millionaire Money Moves

We will continue on lessons with developing your money values, setting up your freedom fund accounts and setting up your money routines. 




Conquering Debt

Unlock the secrets to breaking free from debt and paving the way for financial freedom. This session provides powerful strategies to significantly reduce your debt, helping you regain control of your financial life. 



From Saving to Investing: A Seamless Transition

Learn how to transform your savings into profitable investments in this essential session. We’ll guide you through practical strategies to allocate your funds wisely, ensuring that every dollar saved today grows for tomorrow. This is your pathway from saving diligently to investing smartly, a crucial step for aspiring accredited investors.



Stock Market Mastery

Dive into the dynamic world of stocks and bonds where opportunities await at every turn. This session demystifies the stock market and bond investments, providing you with the knowledge to make informed decisions that can lead to substantial financial growth. 



Entrepreneurial Edge: Starting Your Own Business

Step into the role of an entrepreneur and discover how creating a business can be your most transformative earning strategy. This session offers practical insights into starting, managing, and scaling a business, turning your passion into profit, and setting the foundation for long-term financial success.



Real Estate Wealth

Explore the lucrative world of real estate investment. This session covers different real estate options you can explore, helping you build a portfolio that generates passive income and increases in value over time.



Your Financial Dream Team

Learn how to build a powerhouse team of financial professionals who can guide and accelerate your journey to becoming an accredited investor. This session introduces you to the different roles—from financial advisors to tax specialists—and teaches you how to leverage their expertise for your financial advantage.




Your Freedom Fund Blueprint

Combine all the strategies you’ve learned into a comprehensive plan tailored to your financial goals. This session guides you through developing a robust Freedom Fund Plan that leverages debt reduction, investment strategies, and personal earning tactics to maximize your wealth potential.



The Accredited Investor's Roadmap: Exploring New Horizons

In 18-months or less, you will have reached this significant milestone! In this session, we will explore the exclusive opportunities that come with being an accredited investor. This session outlines the new avenues for investment and growth, helping you navigate the expansive landscape of possibilities that your new status could bring.



Capstone Presentations

Each cohort member has been assigned a case study depicting different financial challenges and to present their solutions based off the sessions taught in the program.

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November 22-24

10th Annual Black Professionals Summit

Miami and Broward, Florida

This landmark event celebrates a decade of unparalleled networking, groundbreaking workshops, and career-transforming insights. Join us as we honor the past, present, and future of Black excellence in the professional sphere. Save the date and prepare to unlock your superpower!

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Freedom Fund Academy is our wealth education program designed for individuals seeking to elevate their financial prowess and secure a prosperous future. Over the course of nine weeks, participants embark on a transformative journey, guided by seasoned financial experts and enriched with a wealth of resources. Through immersive sessions, participants develop a comprehensive understanding of wealth creation, refine their money management skills, and cultivate a mindset conducive to financial success.

Anyone who wants to get better at handling their money can join! It’s great for beginners and those who already know a bit about money.

The program is included this year within membership. Individuals must have any of the BPN Memberships to qualify. If they do not want to be a member and only participate in the program it is $250 (includes access to a mentor)

The program is included this year within membership. Individuals must have any of the BPN Memberships to qualify. If they do not want to be a member and only participate in the program it is $250 (includes access to a mentor)

Members of each Legacy House are provided a framework and the Certified Legacy Builder roadmap that outlines several levels on the journey. This program helps our members learn the strategies to reach those levels.

Yes, interested in enrolling members of your Black Employee Resource Groups? Email programs@mybpn.org and will send over group package offers.

Yes, Sponsor the Academy or contact us so we can create a custom package that meets your company’s goals.