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Getting Starting Guide

Welcome to the Black Professionals Network community!

We are pleased that you have chosen us to grow your professional network and development. There are two primary types of users on this platform: members and subscribers.

Subscribers are general users within the platform and can create a profile and join public groups but have limited access to app features and will not be informed of member-only benefits and offerings.

Members are annual dues-paying members of the organization and belong to an established chapter of the network. Membership supports the organization to provide a central resource for their benefit and provides them the following additional benefits:

  • Full BPN App Access
  • Member Spotlights and Introductions
  • Local and National Membership Meetings
  • National Master Classes
  • Career Board and Job Notices
  • Add Events and Event Calendar Postings
  • Corporate Board Appointment and Government Notices
  • Featured Listing on Business Directory
  • Up to 20% off Black Professionals Summit
  • Member Discounts on Special Events
  • Periodic Free/Discounted Professional Development Conferences and Continuing Education
  • Periodic Free/Discounted Travel Experiences
  • Periodic VIP Entertainment Experiences

Membership starts from the day you join until the following year and date. Membership in Black Professionals Network will provide you programming, events, and professional networking opportunities, which will help advance your career and business. You will be able to connect with other professionals in the area as well as participate in programming sessions offered at various workshops throughout the year.

Stay active in the community! Update your profile so other members looking for your experience can connect with you. A completed profile helps us connect you to opportunities and make members, especially corporate members looking for your talents and skillsets easy to do! Join a group or create a professional group of your own. Post updates and share opportunities. Frequently, check for membership perks and member-only events or access quick links to membership benefits at the ‘Members Corner

Should you have any issues regarding your membership, programs, and event offerings please email us at member@mybpn.org. We recommend you visit our Instagram page regularly for up-to-the-minute updates.

Getting Started

  1. Complete your profile, especially professional type and interests
  2. Join your professional group, ex: Marketing Professionals, Hospitality Professionals
  3. If a member, request access to your chapter group and the Chapter President will provide you access

BPN App Features

BPN Services and Offerings

Becoming a Member

There are three ways to become a member:

  1. Visit www.mybpn.org/join and select a membership which will be managed by our payments system
  2. Download the BPN App and select “In-App Membership” which will be managed by Apple’s iOs or Google Payments
  3. Request your company to purchase a membership on you and your employee resource group’s behalf at https://www.mybpn.org/corporate-membership/, payment can be invoiced or paid directly on-site

Membership prices will increase by January 2022