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Black Professionals Network (BPN) is on a mission to empower the next generation of legacy-builders across the nation. Be a champion supporter; your contribution paves the way for generations to come, creating ripple effects throughout our economy, and breaking down barriers.

Our network is on a mission to advance careers, power up businesses, and build up the social capital for our members guiding them along their professional and legacy-building journey. Along the way, they need champion supporters like yourself who understand that investing in the legacy-building black professionals sends a powerful message that we stand together to uplift and celebrate the accomplishments of all members of our community. 

Your donation will contribute to initiatives that foster economic empowerment within the Black community. This means increased opportunities, financial stability, and a stronger, more resilient local economy.

Our educational and professional development programming provides the knowledge our professionals need to increase their earning potential resulting in a direct rise in the average black household median and stabilizing the local economy.