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A premier 6-week intensive program, connecting you with industry leaders to chart your path to the top.

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January 25, 2024

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January 30, 2024

Welcome to
ProExcellence Academy

Our Tuesdays and Thursdays are dedicated to interactive sessions that not only share success stories but also impart practical strategies for career advancement.

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Beyond Skill, Beyond Ambition — ProExcellence is Where Your Potential Becomes Power.

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Sessions Begin: January 30

Welcome to
ProExcellence Academy

A premier 6-week intensive program, connecting you with industry leaders to chart your path to the top.
Our Tuesdays and Thursdays are dedicated to interactive sessions that not only share success stories but also impart practical strategies for career advancement.


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Expert Panels

Gain insights from the career journeys of top professionals.

Personalized Career Roadmapping

Develop a clear, actionable plan for your professional growth.

Skill Enhancement Workshops

Learn and refine critical leadership and executive level skills.

Job Opportunity Portal

Get exclusive access to a curated list of high-potential job openings.

Networking Opportunities

Build valuable relationships with a network of peers and leaders.

Our comprehensive courses and expert panels will help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to excel in your career.

Insights From Leaders At Top Corporations

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Sessions start at 8:30PM EST






Introduction & Goal Setting

Introduction to the program, its objectives, and overview of the 6-week curriculum. Each cohort member to identify their professional and course goal.




Decoding the Game of Business

To advance in your career you need to understand the game of business and the strategies in play to ensure you have a winning or losing streak in your career journey. 



Understanding your leadership Style

Once you understand the game, you have to know the role you play in it by understanding the traits you bring to the game. Our guest instructor will guide you to understanding your leadership style and how to shape it towards a personal brand. 



Soft Skills for Success

You know the game, your role, and even your strengths you’ll leverage. Now, let’s learn how to develop  essential interpersonal skills like communication and teamwork that top companies are looking for to create winning seasons



Becoming an Effective Agent

It’s about becoming a transformative force, influencing positively, and leading with impact in the complex landscape of executive leadership. This session will invite senior leaders to share their perspectives on what skills they had to master to standout for promotions.

Capstone project assigned

You’ll be assigned to teams and provided a business case study to present your corporate solution at the end of the program.



Team Leadership Skills

Rising to the top requires orchestrating teams with vision, agility, and a commitment to achieving overarching business objectives. In this session, well explore key skills such as resource management, problem solving, and fostering a collaborative & high-performance culture.



Scaling to Director Level or VP

Reaching a Director level involves a heightened focus on leadership, influencing organizational direction, and contributing to the overall success of the company. Hear from our guest speakers who have reached these heights in their companies and share their typical roles and responsibilities. 



Mapping Your Career

It’s time to now figure out where you want to go in the journey thus far. We’re going to revisit that career goal established in the beginning of the program. Our guest instructor will walk you through creating a career roadmap to reach your desired position or level.



Pathway to C-Suite

Prepare to hear from the most senior leaders across various industries representing some of the top companies around the nation. We’ll explore the nuanced skills required to drive organizational success, foster innovation, and navigate complexities at the upper echelons of corporate leadership. 




Office Hours

Each participant within the program will be matched with an executive coach. You’ll be provided information to schedule your complimentary coaching session to address your career plan, skills gaps, or other challenges towards your goal.



Capstone Presentations

Time to present your business solutions to the class. Best presentation awarded program prize.

Coming Soon



Connect & Co-Work Day

Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles

We’re planning an intentional day of connection, resources, and opportunities. Stay tuned for more info.



November 8-10

10th Annual Black Professionals Summit

Miami and Broward, Florida

This landmark event celebrates a decade of unparalleled networking, groundbreaking workshops, and career-transforming insights. Join us as we honor the past, present, and future of Black excellence in the professional sphere. Save the date and prepare to unlock your superpower!

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Ninio Sonthonax




Ninio Sonthonax draws upon nearly two decades of corporate expertise and various business ventures to offer a distinguished, certified coaching service. He’ll also bring together dynamic guest speakers who are at the forefront of their fields. They bring a wealth of knowledge, innovative strategies, and real-world insights that are indispensable for any aspiring professional.

Additionally, benefit from the wisdom of  executive coaches that are dedicated to honing your leadership skills, fine-tuning your executive presence, and guiding you to achieve your highest potential.


The ProExcellence Academy presents a premier professional development opportunity tailored for ambitious professionals aiming for senior leadership positions. Over a span of six weeks, this comprehensive program provides an immersive journey featuring top-tier industry leaders, seasoned executive coaches, and a rich array of resources. Participants undergo a transformative experience, honing their professional acumen, broadening their network, and receiving invaluable guidance on the pivotal steps needed to ascend to leadership roles within their organizations or industry.

Whether you’re an emerging leader or an established professional looking to refine your skills, the ProExcellence Program is tailored for those committed to excellence. It’s perfect for ambitious individuals across all industries seeking to accelerate their career growth and make significant impacts in their organizations and communities.

Not at all. The ProExcellence Program is open to all ambitious professionals who aspire to elevate their careers. While BPN members enjoy complimentary access as a part of their membership benefits, non-members are also welcome to join and can purchase access to the program. It’s a unique opportunity to share in the collective wisdom of industry leaders and like-minded peers dedicated to professional excellence. Interested in becoming a member, click here for more info.

Members of each Legacy House are provided a framework and the Certified Legacy Builder roadmap that outlines several levels on the journey. Those who have identified career advancement as part of their strategy towards reaching a certain level are able to leverage this program as a resource to assist them with those efforts.

Yes, interested in enrolling members of your Black Employee Resource Groups? Email proexcellence@mybpn.org and will send over group package offers.

Yes, the ProExcellence Academy is part of a suite of talent recruitment and talent engagement objectives we offer. Sponsor the Academy or contact us so we can create a custom package that meets your recruitment goals.