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Black Professionals Network (BPN) is the fastest-growing social learning organization, engineering a suite of resources to guide black professionals in their transformative journey to becoming Certified Legacy Builders: individuals who raise their household net worth and leave enduring legacies.

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Serve 1 Million Black Professionals before 2050 by providing them the connections and resources they need to excel and thrive.

Increase The Household Earning Potential

Problem: Median income for African-Americans is reported to drop to 0 by 2053, source. In 2016, African-American median household income was reported at 61% that of whites, source . Office of Advocacy within the SBA reported that Millennial entrepreneurship is declining, those within this age demographic are least likely to be self-employed, but that is not the case with African-American, Black millennials source (1), source (2). This source also showed that a common source of capital to finance businesses comes from personal and family savings, however, if the median income is more than 50% that of whites the ability for black entrepreneurs to use this as an option is limited. 



Our Solutions: (1) Extended learning covering financial and personal development through our Money Streams program providing courses on different streams of income. (2) Partnership opportunities to provide the various insights on how to become an accredited investor. (3) Call the Shots program that provides courses on how to establish a small business and secure government contracts. 

Provide Guidance Navigating From Graduation to Career Profession

Problem: Although high school graduation rates are up and there is an increase of African-American students attending college, the exit data shows there is much to be done, source. Black student take longer to graduate, leave with the highest college debt, more likely to be underemployed and have stalled career advancement, source.


Our Solutions: (1) Connect prominent industry professionals and alumni with undergraduate and post-graduate students through mentor matching events and platform. (2) Create bridge relationships with Corporate partners to offer industry mentors and internships. (3) Establish by 2022 a continuning education fund by providing grants for exam preparation, certifications, and post-graduate work to stay ahead. 

Improve Career Pathways for Black Professionals

Problem: Hiring discrimination for Black employment hasn’t declined in 25 Years, source. 4.5 million African Americans now hold a four-year college degree, yet are disproportionately represented in management and decision-making roles aka white-collar jobs, source(1), source (2)


Our Solutions: (1) Access to job opportunities through our Career Board by connecting our professionals to strategic partners and corporations. (2) Professioanl development workshops and courses to keep on pace with current business and career trends. 

Our mission

We are on a mission to provide 1 million black households with the connections, resources, opportunities, and programs to excel and thrive.

Our leadership team

Kenasha Paul, J.D.

Founder and CEO

“They say its not what you know but who you know but we need both. So it was important to create an organization that provided the means to develop social and economic capital for current and future industry leaders to excel and thrive.”

Board of directors