Home Business Black Professionals Summit 2022: Capturing Black Excellence

Black Professionals Summit 2022: Capturing Black Excellence

Black Professionals Summit 2022: Capturing Black Excellence
A Legacy Builders Conference Credit: AJ Shorter Photography

Community leaders, entrepreneurs, and C-suite executives alike came together for the highly anticipated 2022 Black Professionals Summit weekend centered around unity, learning, and elevation. Experts spanning industries came together to share their knowledge on a variety of panels at the Seminole Hardrock Hotel and Casino Thursday, November 10th. Building a legacy was a central theme to the BP Summit weekend experience, inspiration and wisdom flowing as Black professionals took in the summit.

Keynote speaker Pinky Cole, Founder and CEO of the thriving Slutty Vegan franchise, dropped gems as she was interviewed by BPN founder Kenasha Paul. From losing it all in a grease fire, to her philosophy on giving back, Pinky was open and honest about her journey to success and the struggles encountered on the way. Pinky generously answered many of the crowd’s burning questions surrounding entrepreneurship, making time for a special meet and greet exclusive to BPN members. One audience member showed us that shooting your shot can pay off, coming from Atlanta to Miami in the hopes of connecting with Pinky. Touched by the woman’s persistence, Pinky gave the woman a chance to speak at her book tour in Atlanta and committed to sponsor the cost of three clients for the attendee’s business.

Morning panels like “Behind the Title: A Conversation with Company Leaders” featured executives from organizations like Bank of America, Royal Caribbean, iHeart media, and more came together to share their viewpoints on navigating the pathway to success. “It’s All in the Network” highlighted the benefits of tapping into your network to maximize career success, while “Founders of the Future” lead by panelists like summit sponsor Victor Demesmin amplified innovation in entrepreneurship. Building a legacy, building an influence, and industry specific topics for sports professionals provided an afternoon filled with insight at the summit.

While professional development was the focus of the summit, attendees came dressed to impress, showing us how they represent their brand. Miami Dade Chamber of Commerce Minority & Small Business Enterprise Manager Matthew Pigatt, featured above, brought culture to the summit in matching tunic set, a walking billboard for dressing for success as a Black professional, true to his roots.

Attendee and Healthfirst Senior A & G auditor Miselie Charite showed us her #BPsummitstyle in a gorgeous royal purple monochromatic set. The elegant color and texture in combination with the perfect cut framed her silhouette as she took on a day of excellence at the summit. Building their legacies one day at a time, BP Summit attendees reflected their legacies in style and sophistication representing Black excellence at its finest.

Following the BP Summit 2022, events like the Wakanda Forever movie premiere, Legacy Building Ventures Forum lead by Oliver Gilbert III, and the finale yacht and day social at the Wharf wrapped up the weekend in fun and solidarity.

What was your favorite part of the summit? Hats off to a successful BP Summit 2022-stay tuned for details on next year’s summit!


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