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Black Women in Excellence: Miami Chapter

Black Women in Excellence: Miami Chapter

The epitome of success and leadership, the Black Women in Excellence Miami Chapter honorees were celebrated on March 16th at Red Rooster. The 10 women came together representing a diverse diaspora of success, paving the way as leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, and overall phenoms. BPN members and guests alike showed up to the Red Rooster in droves, anticipating the honorees and captivating connections made at the mixer. Whether you were there or unable to make it, gain insight on the incredible 2023 Black Women in Excellence Miami chapter honorees below.

Whenda “Wanda” Tima

Whenda “Wanda” Tima is an award-winning Haitian-Turks Islander media maven raised in South Florida. Fueled by passion and a desire to give back; in October 2011, Wanda started “L’union Suite”, a personal project aimed to help other Haitian-Diasporas who wanted to learn more about Haiti and its culture, who often felt disconnected from the experience.

With blogs and posts going viral every day, today L’union Suite is the number one digital platform for Haitian-Diasporas with over 600,000 subscribers and reaches an average of 1-10 million people weekly. Her hard work has landed LMG in dozens of publications such as Forbes, Black Enterprise, WLRN, NPR, VH1, BET and so much more.

Question: What does it mean to you to be selected as a Black woman of excellence?

As a first-generation Haitian-American woman, to be a Woman of Excellence is exhibiting and living up to my ancestor’s wildest dreams. To continue supporting groups for women business owners & entrepreneurs who provide a safe community of peers that allows for authenticity and empathy specific to their experience as Black women.

Question: What motivates you to be a Black woman of excellence?

I am motivated to be and continue being a Black woman of excellence because my overall mission in the spaces I occupy is to empower, inspire, and liberate Black women so that they may thrive in their fullest expression of truth, power, and embodiment. For 11 years I’ve led a woman-owned and women-led business that has assisted in celebrating and helping women flourish in their field. It’s indeed an honor to be recognized for my professional achievements and contributions to the community. But it’s a blessing to stand with so many inspiring women knowing that together we reflect excellence.

Rochelle Gapere

Rochelle Gapere is a self described “attorney by trade and happiness coach by heart”. Throughout her roles as an attorney, happiness coach and entrepreneur, she is known for bringing her charismatic personality and sheer joy for living to every experience and individual she encounters.

The release of her Amazon bestselling book, One Happy Thought at a Time: 30 Days to a Happier You, cements her lifelong practice of adding more happiness to this world by empowering others with science-based tools and techniques that help them lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Her hard work has earned her accolades such as the 2019 recipient of The Florida Bar YLD Michael K. Reese Quality of Life Award and as one of the Top 100 Female Empowerment Speakers in the world by Engage, LLC.

Question: What does it mean to you to be selected as a Black woman of excellence?

I am thrilled and honored! It reaffirms that I am living my purpose on purpose.

Question: What motivates you to be a Black woman of excellence?

My mission is to bring more happiness into the world by creating tools and techniques to help others on their journey to live happier, more fulfilling lives. My mission is my motivation. I live my mission unapologetically, by example, and grounded in excellence, with the hope that it will inspire others to do the same.

Roche Whittle

Roche Whittle’s expertise in strategy and marketing in the FinTech space make her a leading force in the industry. As a Senior Marketing Manager for Tradestop, she leads brand strategy, campaigns, and sponsorships and was apart o f the company’s cryptocurrency launch.

Roche’s hard work and talents landed her a spot as South Florida’s Most Prominent and Influential Black Woman in Business & Industry 2022 Honoree . Roche’s leadership and innovation demonstrated throughout her career cement her as a trailblazer in the community.

Question: What does it mean to you to be selected as a Black woman of excellence?

Achieving this award is a humbling experience that sets the trend for others to follow. It serves as an inspiration and motivation for other black women who aspire to achieve similar goals; encouraging others to pursue their passions, work hard, and strive for excellence in their respective fields.

Question: What motivates you to be a Black woman of excellence?

Black professionals and women before me opened the doors of corporate America; their achievements and success motivate me to reach the next level and be an example to others. Those before me keep me accountable, leaving me no room for failure. Being a black woman of excellence, I’m motivated to pay it forward, setting an example for the next generation of young black professionals.

Dejha Carrington

Dejha’s expertise includes strategic planning and storytelling for nonprofits and social impact initiatives, fueled by her dedication for exploring models rooted in community and collaboration to support artists. She is also a recognized speaker, frequently presenting on topics surrounding access, entrepreneurship, and the arts with groups such as the U.S. Presidential Scholars Foundation, Netflix, Americans For The Arts and the University of Miami.

In 2017, Dejha co-founded Commissioner, an art membership program that helps people collect the work of contemporary artists in their cities. Inspired by African, Caribbean, and women-led savings strategies, Commissioner uses group economics to support visual artist commissions of new works. From 2015 to 2022, Dejha served as Vice President of Strategic Communications for YoungArts, the national foundation for the advancement of artists.

Question: What does it mean to you to be selected as a Black woman of excellence?

I’m so very proud to be part of an organization that recognizes its peers, and to be celebrated among the many honorees who pay this recognition forward every day in the ways that they uplift Black women.

Question: Why is it important to you to have an impact in the community?

I believe that we all need to have a stake in how the arts and artists are supported in our communities if we want stronger, more creative, and connected cities.

Johanne Wilson

Founded upon joy and unwavering faith, Johanne Wilson and her husband co-founded COOL Creative, a brand marketing house that builds brands with beautiful design and exciting digital content. COOL is an acronym for Create Out Of Love. Throughout her vibrant career, she has been recognized with several awards including: Addy Award (8xs), P&G AG Lafely Deign Award, 40 under 40, Urban League Service Awards and she is a Goldman Sachs 10K Business Alumni.

For over a decade, Johanne has worked on national campaigns for clients including: Vail Resorts, Under Armor, Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, P&G Beauty, Burger King and Boston Market. With a sharp eye for style, this Maryland Institute College of Art graduate is known for her fresh and elegant take on creative that makes people feel. COOL Creative continues to serve clients such as FIU, SafeLink (a TracFone brand), Hallendale Beach Chamber of Commerce and PlanBe_ Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program funded by the US Department of Health.

In a time of reflection, one morning, Johanne read a several words that have changed the way she lives her life: “In getting & gaining you become successful, but only in serving do you become significant.” She has since related this to her client work as well as her volunteer efforts mentoring young girls. As a woman of Haitian descent, her strong desire is to help reshape the story of the island from devastation and poverty to creativity and prosperity.

Question: What does it mean to you to be selected as a Black woman of excellence?

It means that my community sees me and values my contributions. Sometimes I don’t really know the real impact of my hard work. While I may measure my work by tangible things like engagement numbers, sign ups, sales and net profits; other intangible things like if what I do inspires someone to take a chance on their ideas or invest in someone else’s dream are harder to measure. This recognition helps me to see that my impact has farther reach than I know.

Question: What is one thing you want the community to know about you and your work?

I want the community to know that I “Create Out Of Love (COOL).” I realized a long time ago that LOVE is what makes my work excellent and empowers me to serve others with integrity. Business can be so transactional, but without relationship I have a hard time being passionate about anything.

Arlesha Amazan

Arlesha Amazan is a Marketing Executive at SC30,Inc founded by 4-time NBA champion Stephen Curry. Currently, she serves as Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships & Development where she spearheads brand development & partnership marketing efforts of SC30’s platforms & company initiatives.

Throughout her career, she’s spearheaded athlete ambassador strategy and brokered & managed high-profile partnerships on behalf of athlete-clients such as Dwyane Wade, Jaren Jackson Jr., Udonis Haslem and others across the league—facilitating initiatives & partnership strategies for companies & brands such as Gatorade, Nike, Amazon, Facebook, American Express, Youtube & more, while working with star athletes to build their own personal brands.

A true multi-hyphenate and self-proclaimed “pivoter of her own court”, in 2020, Arlesha was recruited by longtime CAA client (and boss) Dwyane Wade to join and formalize CAA Amp—a cultural strategy marketing group co-formed between Dwyane Wade and CAA Brand Consulting—where she served a hybrid role focused on Strategy, Innovation, and Brand Development. Leaning on her expertise in identifying the marketing desires of sports fans & consumers who engage with athletes, leagues & teams, in 2021, Arlesha founded & headed the development of a specialized CAASports offering: The H.I.T.S. report—a consumer trends report that helps brands better engage diverse audiences to meet their business and brand solutions.

Question: What does it mean to you to be selected as a Black woman of excellence?

To be Black, gifted and a Woman is an incredible blessing. It’s a blessing that guides my talents and the ways I approach my life and the decisions I bring to the boardroom. Being selected as BPN’s Black Woman in Excellence serves as a reminder of the impact of that blessing.

Question: What motivates you to be a Black woman of excellence?

The sacrifice, dedication and hard work I’ve seen from Black women in my life and those women I look up to from afar motivates me to be a Black woman of excellence, always.

Vivian Olodun Anderson

Vivian Olodun envisions a world where women can find joy through entrepreneurship. Vivian creates resources for women small business owners to build joy-focused profitable businesses without burnout from marketing or compromising their core values. Vivian is a business consultant who solves small business growth problems with marketing.

She is the CEO of Flourish Media, a 360 marketing solution that creates or maintains the celebrity factor for clients with small teams of 10 or fewer employees. Vivian is most proud of her social impact organization, Behind The Leaf, which notably raised $15 million to invest in women-owned businesses. Vivian is the author of Stumbling Through Adulthood, a guided journal for failing forward, which serves as an anchor for her public speaking on intersectionality and resilience.

Question: What does it mean to you to be selected as a Black woman of excellence?

Being selected as Black Woman of Excellence by BPN feels like a warm hug from a loved one. It’s validation. It’s being seen by the people who truly understand the weight of the work and the motivation to keep showing up when it’s not popular to do so. It’s a beautiful feeling to be recognized. I hope this award further amplifies my profile to help even more women who look like us, find joy through entrepreneurship.

Question: What is one thing you want the community to know about you and your work?

One thing I want the community to know about my work is that it takes a Tribe to flourish. I need to hear about the challenges you’re experiencing when you try to access funding or gain more visibility for your small business. Please advocate for me in rooms that I do not have access to. I need you to suggest opportunities to draw attention to the cause and our values. Stay connected by following me @VivianOlo or @FlourishMediaCo and share posts that you believe might resonate in your network. Growth happens in collaboration.

Amandine Sagna

Amandine is the Marketing Director of TR Americas, Givenchy & Kenzo Beauty, based in Miami. With over a decade of experience in Luxury Marketing, Amandine has a strong International Background as she worked in Paris, New York, London, Dubai and Miami.

She joined LVMH Group in 2011, holding various Marketing Corporate Positions at Parfums Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy & Kenzo Beauty. Amandine is also a philanthropist who loves to give back to the community. She is delighted to give back through EllesVMH, LVMH Women’s Affinity Group, with the objective to empower women and young girls.

Question: What does it mean to you to be selected as a Black woman of excellence?

I am humbled. Ultimately this acknowledgment is a direct result of the wonderful people who surround me and who passionately help to bring out the best in our communities, by lifting each others up.

Question: What motivates you to be a Black woman of excellence?

Opening new doors, creating opportunities and empowering other Black women to access to any places they aspire to. Getting our seats at the table.

Ashley Michelle Miller

Ashley Michelle Miller is an award-winning and Emmy-Nominated wardrobe stylist with 10-plus years of experience in the fashion industry. She has had the opportunity to assist on projects for celebrities like Madonna, Patti Labelle and Terrence Howard. She has worked with a plethora of TV personalities and major networks like ABC, BET, PBS, and Food Network, as well as Fortune 500 companies like Pepsi, Macy’s, Amazon, and GMC. Upon her move to Miami in 2020, Ashley became Emmy-nominated for Outstanding Costume Design and Styling for her contributions to the Tamron Hall Show. Today, whether she is working with clients that are changemakers in the community or creating internship opportunities for college students or speaking about passion, purpose and personal branding at conferences, the goal is always the same. She uses a holistic approach and style to inspire authentic living with the belief that style is an expression that helps you to tap into who you are and how you live.

Question: Why is it important to you to have an impact in the community?

After earning my Bachelors in Communications and Masters in Project Management life hit me in a way I never felt before. I found myself depressed, highly anxious and totally confused about what I wanted to do with my life

That season was pivotal in bringing me to where I am now. I made the decision to see a therapist to sort through my thoughts and feelings. I became committed to strengthening my relationship with God and I finally let go of what everyone thought I should be doing and I decided to bet on myself.

Doing the work encouraged me to make the difficult decision to not take the route of working with my dad to continue to grow the family’s granite fabrication business, which was always my after college plan. But instead Take leap of faith, move to New York and start a career in the fashion Industry.

This decision defined the true meaning of living in your own purpose, following your dreams and believing in yourself. Though very scary, it is the best decision I could have made not just for my career but for my life.

I now make it my mission to help my community see the importance and beauty in seeking from within, betting on themselves and living authentically. I know first-hand the impact and priceless value that comes with living this way.

So whether I am working with clients that are changemakers in the community, mentoring aspiring stylists, creating internship opportunities for student at schools like Miami-Dade fashion Institute or speaking about passion, purpose and personal branding at conferences the goal is always the same. I want to inspire others to live authentically while uncovering and showcasing the awesomeness’ that lives within them.

Monique Idlett

Monique Idlett is a globally recognized entertainment pioneer. Her power and influence stem from a unique blend of business acumen and innovative strategic vision. Monique brings over two decades of unprecedented success as the CEO of Reign Venture Capital. One of Gotham Magazine’s Powerful 100 names to know, her expansive reach into the hearts and minds of people across the world is transforming the way people interact with each other and iconic brands. In 2017, she founded Reign Venture Capital, an early-stage investment firm that focuses on women and minority-led startups.

Reign invests at the Seed and Series A Stage in promising technology and tech‐enabled startups with high‐potential founders. The firm brings together a network of LPs who are leaders in business and entertainment to help accelerate the growth of their diverse portfolio through mentorship and unique access. Working with companies like the award-winning technology innovator LISNR, and Appy Couple, Reign Venture Capital is changing the VC world. Since 2014, she has lent her industry expertise to FOX’s #1, record‐breaking television show, Empire. As an executive music producer and fashion consultant, Mrs. Idlett‐Mosley brings her insider knowledge and keen fashion sense to the network.

For over fourteen years, she served as the CEO of Mosley Brands and Mosley Music Group, home to a multiplatinum roster of artists, including iconic producer Timbaland, One Republic, Nelly Furtado, and Chris Cornell. Under her leadership, MMG artists were RIAA-certified platinum 64 times and RIAA certified gold 22 times.. Most notably, she brokered groundbreaking deals with corporate powerhouses such as Pepsi, Verizon, MTV, Mini Cooper, Gucci, and Rockstar Games, amongst many others. Prior to 2004, Monique directed and developed sales, marketing, and public relations strategies for personal clients such as Kanye West, Verizon, Burrell Communications, T.I. and Timbaland.

In addition to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Monique is well known for her philanthropic work. As the Founder and Executive Director of Always Believing Foundation, Monique finds innovative and empowering solutions to combat childhood obesity, and promote healthy lifestyles and expression through education and communication. Since 2014, Monique has served as a National Trustee for The Boys & Girls Clubs of America. She became the first African‐American woman to serve as a chairperson for the Southeast Youth of the Year gala. She is on the Board of Directors for The Miami Bridge, a south Florida-based nonprofit organization that provides emergency shelter, food, and counseling for at‐risk youth, and has previously served on the board of the Ryan Cameron Foundation.


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