Leveraging Relationships at Circle House Coffee

Community, connections, and coffee were at the heart of the August Black Business Month’s Mixer — “Leveraging Relationships” hosted by Black Professionals Network in partnership with Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce, Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce, and Gwen S. Cherry Black Women Lawyers Association held at Circle House Coffee last Thursday, August the 26th.

Founded in 2018 by retired NFL linebacker Stephen Tulloch, the coffeehouse aims to bring people together while bringing awareness to societal issues and needs. Rooted in community, the Black-owned coffeehouse was the perfect platform to unite members and newcomers along with organizational partners for an evening of meaningful mingling.

An icebreaker round of “This or That” allowed attendees to explore their peers’ personalities, highlighting both commonalities and differences amongst one another in jovial fun.

Leveraging relationships was the focal point of the mixer, bringing professionals together to maximize opportunities. Like a pole vaulter elevating high in the sky, the right strategy and execution in the art of leverage are needed to reach success when developing relationships in business.

The evening of networking was a perfect prelude to the esteemed annual Black Professionals Summit, just around the corner, this upcoming November to be held at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, the summit elevates connections, opportunities, and relationships to the next level, bringing valuable resources to Florida’s finest Black professionals. Tap into an elevated pool of resources and relationships with BPN as we approach the fall season full of events, programs, and opportunities for the professional Black community.

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